5 Ways to Improve Your IT Department's Reputation

Let's face it. We all know IT doesn't have the greatest reputation in many companies. We can be considered aloof, obstructive, or even rude. Most of the time that is simply due to a lack of resources (both time and money) or a difference in personalities. Despite that, here are five ways to improve the image and reputation of IT in your organization with just a little bit of time and patience.

How To Setup Home Directories on a Windows File Server

The concept of home directories is fairly universal across all organizations.  Essentially, it is a networked storage location for users to store their personal files instead of using a directory on a local drive (like the non-redirected "My Documents").  Despite this being a common configuration item, there seems to be little standardization on how to configure a Windows file server to support personal home directories.  Should permissions be set using NTFS or shares?  Should individual shares even be used?  What about the Home Folder Active Directory attribute?

My recommendation is to keep things as simple as possible with a single share and simple permissions only set at the NTFS level.