Scrum with Remote Workers - My Experience

About a year ago, our operations team took a cue from our developers and moved to a Scrum framework to manage infrastructure and monitoring projects.  If you are unfamiliar with Scrum, it is a set of processes usually used in software development that takes an iterative approach to building a product. The team works from a "backlog" of features, or User Stories, and each iteration in Scrum is referred to as a Sprint.

It turns out that this agile, iterative process works quite well in the operations world too; however, there were some difficulties for me personally - being the only remote member of my team.

Driver Locked Memory on Hyper-V Guests

When monitoring the available memory on your Hyper-V guests, you may come across a curious issue where the available memory on the VM seems low given the memory usage of the processes currently running.  For example, the guest may have 12GB of memory with running processing consuming less than 2GB; yet, Task Manger shows only 1GB of available memory!

Task Manager Guest Memory Usage

Diagnosing the apparent problem further with a tool like RAMMap from Sysinternals, shows a huge chunk of memory being "used" as Driver Locked.